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Science Adventures Comics


    Vol 7 Science Adventures Comics 10 books (Upper or Lower Primary) Image

    Help Children Learn Science the FUN WAY

    Conforming with CAMBRIDGE Primary Programme for Science and Australian syllabus (NESA)

    2019 Science Adventures - Integrates Science with Art and Math - Science Adventures focuses on STEAM - a global combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (Bach, a famous musician was able to write music in every key, based on a mathematical solution).    
    ART has long been recognized as an important part of a well-rounded education. Many studies showed that exposure to the arts can help with academics too. ART also promotes creativity, self-confidence and school pride. We have added ARTS in SCIENCE ADVENTURES magazine to take children to the World of  "ARTS AROUND the WORLD".
    Our Math stories enhance analytical thinking and reasoning. By connecting these 3 subjects, SCIENCE, ART, MATH students find creative confidence and able to voice in their expression.
    Primary school is the best time to cultivate children's interest in science and to find out that Science is fun! Each month, Science Adventures journeys with fascinating science stories by giving you 10 issues x 76 pages per issue.
    A great magazine, one that young children will enjoy and deserve!

    Vol 7 Science Adventures Comics 10 books (Upper or Lower Primary)

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