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Science Adventures Comics


    Vol 7 2019 Science Adventures Comics 10 books (Upper or Lower Primary) Image

    Singapore's  first Home-grown and the Only Science Comic published by Singaporeans .  Vol 7 - Published in 2019  provides 16 pages more  to conform with                                                                            (1) CAMBRIDGE International Primary Programme for Science           (2) Australian syllabus (NESA) &                                                                (3) Singapore's 5 science-themed (Diversity, Interaction, Energy,           System ,Cycle)                                                                                                 

    Science Adventures is the FIRST to integrate Science with MATHS & ARTthus conforming with the WORLD's  STEAM trends(Science , Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

    Fully illustrated in comic strips  that will surely arouse children’s curiosity and widen their view of the world around them. If we wait until Primary 3, they may no longer be as interested as science will be taught as a formal subject.  Children are very curious when they enter Primary ONE and it is the best time to cultivate their interest in SCIENCE.                                                                  

    Each month, Science Adventures provides more than 10 science stories, activities , thinking skill and ART  . SCIENCE ADVENTURES is one magazine, made in Singapore for the World , one that children will enjoy and deserve~ ~~!!!


    Vol 7 2019 Science Adventures Comics 10 books (Upper or Lower Primary)

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