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  • Did You Know?
    Science Adventures is proudly Singaporean owned and each issue features 100 fascinating science stories

    2019-Science Adventures Magazine 10 Issues (Connect or Digest) Image

     Help Children Learn Science the FUN WAY!

    Science Adventures , the first home grown and the ONLY science comic magazine,  achieves this goal. Fully illustrated in comic strips and colours that will surely arouse children’s curiosity and widen their view of the world around them.  If we wait until Primary 3, they may no longer be as interested as science will be taught as a formal subject.

    Children are very curious when they enter Primary school and it is the best time to cultivate their interest in science and  to find out that Science is fun! Each month Science Adventures, a science comic magazine, journeys with fascinating science stories by giving you 10 issues x 76 pages per issue.

    A great magazine, one that young children will enjoy and deserve!


    2019-Science Adventures Magazine 10 Issues (Connect or Digest)

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    NOW $74.00

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    My 7 y/o son started reading Level 1 and 2 (he prefers 2) and shared that 'I really like it'. I then took a peek myself and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the science content and editorial. We look forward to the upcoming issues...
    By Ms Lynn Ang