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  • Science Adventures Comics Vol 6 Connect Image
    Science Adventures the First  homegrown science comic!

    Every issue of offers a complete introduction to comics with with scientific themes from Global Trends
    STEAM :  Science, Technology,Engineering, Arts, Math, to Singapore sysllabus Cycles, Diversity, ENERGY, Interaction, System

    Science Adventures aims to keep abreast of the latest Global trends and developments,while at the same time continues to
    DELIGHT  ENGAGE  INSPIRE  JOYFUL  learning  for Children

     CONNECT for lower primary (6-9 years)   or Pri 1 to Pri 3
      DIGEST    for upper primary (10-2 years) or Pri 3 to Pri 6

    Inspiring People series -  
    Ordinary People with Big Dreams
    To arouse children's curiosity in the world around them & to be inspired by tales of great deeds of unforgettable People

    Science Adventures Comics Vol 6 Connect

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    NOW $66.00

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