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  • IQ Concept Game Image

    Intelligence Pyramid IQ Concept beads, with 408 questions develop your brain

    1. Helps improve children's eye coordination, graphics and color recognition. 

    2. Spatial concepts, logical thinking training.

    3. Helps develop the children's concentration and endurance.

    4. Helps prevent dementia.

    5. Great for children, adults and old-folks – amazing healthy family fun.

    Ways to play:

    1. 2D play: according to the subject line up a building blocks, the remaining fill up space
    2. 3D play: in the back of the game box, will subject in good, the remaining four blocks formed a cone pyramid
    The stage play how easy it is to analyzing the table

    Volume 1:
    The game stages 1: low difficult questions: 1 ~ 36 book, easy even kindergarten kids will play.
    The game stages 2 : low difficulty : 37 ~ 72 title, even the grandfather and grandmother all feel very fun.
    The game stages 3: to difficulty: 73 ~ 114 title, new new mankind so said, novelty, fun, not easy also is not difficult.

    The second book:
    Game 4 of the topic: stage difficulty : 115 ~ 154, the most suitable for the family of the game series.
    Stage 5: the difficulty of the game : 155 ~ 194 title, the extent of the fun, even the godfather, nuns and frenzy.
    The game 6 in topic: stage difficulty : 195 ~ 242, and, after a number at the corresponding level, can forward the most challenging scenarios.

    Third book:
    7: difficult topic stage games : 243 ~ 274, detective conan, also can only finish at the corresponding level to number just.
    The game stage 8 : difficult subject : 275 ~ 322, not the river, not smart enough to think of this can be difficult to please.
    The game stage 9 : difficult subject : 323 ~ 370, suppose no Qian through all of the topic, only about 20000 chance through the level.

    Volume 4:
    The game stage : pyramid book title based article: 371 ~ 406, only into the pyramid, just know the secret of the pyramid is in.

    The fifth book:
    The game : pyramid stage book title advanced article: 407 ~ 442, the designer is really an idiot, how can design this was not at all suitable for "people" play of the game.

    Sixth volume:
    The game stage : pyramid subject genius article: 443 ~ 478, please prepare, this is a very easy to let anyone confidence been badly hit difficulty.

    IQ Concept GameIQ Concept GameIQ Concept GameIQ Concept Game
    IQ Concept Game

    IQ Concept Game

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