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Company Profile

About English Corner Publishing Pte Ltd

English Corner Publishing Pte Ltd is a Singaporean owned

company based in Singapore. We are the company that popularised

the Young Scientists magazine, distributing to primary school

students in Singapore, up until the end of 2012.


For 10 years, we have worked extremely hard to nurture and promote

the Young Scientists to as many primary schools in Singapore as possible.

It was a long, hard struggle especially in the early days when many

schools were very unreceptive. Only through our ceaseless dedication

and perseverance did we slowly built up the Young Scientists to be the

strong brand it is today. 


However, success with Young Scientists was still not an accomplishment for us.

As an official distributor, all we have done was to make someone else's failing

product profitable. We could not proudly use Young Scientists to represent

ourselves as a true Singaporean product whenever we participate at major

international bookfairs. The Young Scientists is after all, a brand that belongs

to a Malaysian owned company in Malaysia.


With the termination of our partnership at the end of 2012, we finally launched

our very own product. Science Adventures is the culmination of our hard work,

efforts and knowledge gained from the past decade of being in the business.


It is the 1st home-grown science comic magazine for children in Singapore!

We are proud to have reached this key milestone with the patience, passion

and support of all our loyal subscribers. We continue to share with our loyal

readers, the quintessential mix of wonderful story telling, endearing graphics

and mesmerizing science in our brand new


SCIENCE ADVENTURES science comic magazine - the next bestselling

science comic in Singapore !

Our primary objective is to ensure that our magazines continue to be great magazines that young children will enjoy and look forward to receiving every month.